About Us

Pioneer Scientific Co.

After more than 14 years in business, we know that precision is what drives us across all of our businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you need a blood pressure monitor, a laboratory balance, an industrial scale, or a checkweigher for your manufacturing facility, precision is probably important to you, too. 

That's why PSC has embraced discover precision, which means that we commit to a leading role in bringing precision through innovative solutions to the world.

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What We Do

Providing Measurement Solution

Lifetime Support

We are committed to providing high quality, lifetime service support for all of our weighing equipment. Dedicated technicians are on hand to install and maintain your equipment, including regular calibration, servicing and repair.

Calibration & Re-verification services

We will ensure that your equipment is both accurate and compliant.  We offer re-verification of weighing equipment used for trade as well as standard accredited calibration services.

Maximizing Efficiency

Focusing on regular preventative maintenance keeps your equipment working at maximum efficiency and reduces the likelihood of costly emergency breakdowns. Our highly trained service technicians will work with you.

Completed Designs
Pioneer Scientific Company

To become the most innovative, the most competitive weighing equipment supplier.

Company Vision

Focusing on the demands and requirements of the customers; providing quality weighing equipment and integration of service, continue to create maximum value of customers.

Corporate Mission

Customer oriented, team spirit, integrity

and responsibility.

Corporate Values